Basic configuration

Here a basic configuration of a nibirumail form.

<form method="post" action="">
<input name="nibirumail_listid" type="hidden" value="[nibirumail_id]" />
<input name="nibirumail_privacy" type="hidden" value="0" />
<input name="nibirumail_first_name" type="text" placeholder="Your name" />
<input name="nibirumail_last_name" type="text" placeholder="Your name" />
<input name="nibirumail_email" type="text" placeholder="Your email address" />
<input type="checkbox" name="nibirumail_privacy" value="1" />
<button type="submit">Send</button>

As you can see, it’s a simple markup form a HTML form. You have to send a POST request to this URL: (With the trailing slash at the end).

There are few required fields in that you can read in the table below.

 nibirumail_listid integer It’s your public ID. It will be used to load all your application options. You can generate one after your registration and application set up.
nibirumail_privacy integer This variable is to identify user’s opt-in subscription to your terms of services or privacy policy. You MUST send it as “1” and you MUST ask your user to “check” a field (like a checkbox) to do so. Even if you can automatically set up this variable to “1” as hidden value, this kind of behaviour violate our terms and conditions and your application should be blocked and deleted.
nibirumail_email string/email A valid email address is ALWAYS required.


With this basic configuration you will be able to build a simple “newsletter subscription” for your website. However, there are other nibirumail’s variable that you can use. You can find them in the next tutorials.

What’s next?

After your user has successfully filled your form, his data will be send to and here what will happen:

  • 1) If the email address is not stored inside your application, a new record will be created and a confirmation email will send to the user inviting to confirm the email address by clicking a link. After clicked the link the user will be redirected to your website with a “redir” variable in the URL
  • 2) if the email address is already stored in your application nothing happens.

At this point nibirumail will redirect the user to your website or application adding a “redir” variable to your URL to inform you of the result of the process (eg.
A list of redir variables possible values are here.

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