Redir List

missing_privacy error You don’t have specified a nibirumail_privacy value and/or the nibirumail_privacy value is not egual to “1”.
missing_email error You don’t have specified a nibirumail_email value and/or the nibirumail_email value is not valid or not active.
spam error Your POST data has been considered SPAM.
missing_pass error You don’t have specified a valid password (only for “nibirumail login” feature)
not_allowed_domain error Your email address is from our black list. Contact us if you think that we should accept your email address.
wrong_email error Your email address is not valid
missing_options error nibirumail can’t fin your application’s options. Maybe your nibirumail_id is not valid or your application has been deleted or blocked. Check inside account for further information.
wrong_referer error nibirumail check if your domain is allowed to use your application. Double check your “allowed domain” option into your account.
wrong_password&err_code=xxx error Unfortunately your password is wrong (only for “nibirumail login” feature), The error code is useful for debug purpose.
API:xxx msg The user has been logged inside your application. xxx are useful information to login the user inside your own website. (only for “nibirumail login” feature)
login_error error This is an internal error. Something goes wrong with your application. Fell free to contact us for further investigation.
deleted msg The user has been deleted from your application so it can’t be subscribed again.
to_confirm msg The user has been registered in the past but it still have to confirm its subscription
already_exists msg The user is already registered to your application.
user_not_exists error This user doesn’t exist in your application (only for “nibirumail login” feature)
ok msg That’s all right.
missing_parameters error nibirumail can’t read your email address and nibirumail_listid. Fell free to contact us in this case.


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