We collect just the amount of personal information that is needed to create and maintain your account.
Users can access and update personal information in My Account section. We will neither disclose your personal information, nor sell it to anyone. We never read the messages received through your forms. Your IP, personal information and received data are confidential, except for the case in which authorities request it. We always include a opt-out method to our direct marketing messages.

Form records are private and can be used exclusively by the account owner. Nibirumail never discloses the content of submissions under any circumstance, unless specifically requested by legal state authorities. Submissions are stored securely on our Server Plan hosted servers, and are protected against misuse, interference and loss, as well as against from unauthorized access, modification and disclosure.

The forms you create on our site can be shown, unfilled, to the visitors of our site, in order for them to understand better what results can be achieved with the solution we provide. You are invited to recommend our services to any persons who might find them useful.

Any web form or survey created by the end user using the translated versions of Nibirumail framework and products along with any information gathered through those web forms and surveys belong to the end user and neither Nibirumail nor the PARTNER can hold ownership over them or be liable for it.

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